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At Jones Private Client, you receive truly integrated wealth management services that are professional, methodical, and firmly rooted in understanding your personal needs. 

It’s important that you understand what you pay for your investments and our advice, and the value added by our team. We firmly believe that full transparency is important for all clients, and we have done this for many years. 


The media may mislead by suggesting that “your funds cost you 2.00% and up”.  They fail to mention that what you pay includes both: 

  • the “cost of investing” and
  • the “cost of advice”  

Our goal is always to review both, at the time you first engage us, and every two to three years thereafter.

What do you pay and for what?

Investment Costs and AdviceThe “cost of investing” includes the costs of your investment portfolio (in pools, mutual funds, ETFs, or alternative products), rebalancing, tax optimization, hedging, and other advanced features.

The “cost of advice” includes the advice and planning from your Advisor, support from our team, and Assante’s compensation for providing oversight, reporting, and regulatory services.

All returns reported on client statements are always net of all costs. We disclose all of the above, as it applies to you, in a document we refer to as CRM2 – Disclosing the Cost of Investing and the Cost of Advice.

We provide a detailed review of all the costs associated with your accounts, using both percentages and dollars. We firmly believe that full transparency is important for all clients. We’ll go over the breakdown of cost between investing and advice, and answer any questions you have. 

*Our costs are a function of the complexity of the client’s situation and what exactly their service needs are. Once we understand your situation better, and prior to us moving forward, we will provide you with a specific quote.

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